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Welcome to 2024

Hello Everyone,

The year has begun! I hope you have all had an excellent break and that you are looking forward to 2024 with great enthusiasm.

Have you made a New Year resolution to learn a new skill? Or has it been on your to-do list to learn your way around a sewing machine that is sitting in the cupboard taunting you! Or maybe you have a specific project you are keen to start ... or complete and you just need some guidance.

Lets do it! Get it done and tick that box.

Please see sessions and timetable for term 1 2024 below.

1:1 bring a friend and group sessions

I run 1:1 sessions for adults and children, both on and off site as well as bring a friend sessions and organised groups.

there are so many projects to choose from and sessions can be booked at a mutually agreeable time.

See available timeslots below

I usually suggest a block of four sessions to give us the chance to build some good basic skills and make a few projects, but it is totally up to you.


Term classes for children

Term classes will run on Tuesday , Thursday, and Friday in 2024.

Each session runs for 1 ½ hours after school with a small group of students.  Each student works on their own project, and everything is provided for the basic Soul Stitches program as well as a small snack.  After students have completed the basic program – which takes a while – they can then start to choose their own projects and will need to supply fabrics.


School Holiday Program

These sessions run during most term break.  These sessions are project driven, small group classes. 


9.30 -11.30 Booked out ongoing

12.00 - 3.30 Available timeslot

4.00 - 5.30 After school Kids class - booked out


9.30 -11.30 Booked out ongoing

12.00 - 3.30 Available timeslot

4.00 - 5.30 After school Kids class - booked out

6.00 - 8.00 Available timeslot


11.30 - 1.30 Available timeslot

2.00- 4.00 Booked out ongoing

4.00 - 5.30 After school Kids class - booked out


9.30 - 11.30  Available timeslot


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